HEY THERE! I was on Twitter last night being a night owl and I ran into Ashley @Bookz4Nerdz’s Tweet:

Screenshot 2015-06-13 at 12.46.38 AM

So, this recalled my backlog of books I have read and not reviewed and I frantically typed back and before you know it, we started….


#WriteThoseReviews! #WriteThoseReviews is a week long “party” on Twitter and on book blogs being hosted by Ashley and yours truly. SO. You might be asking, how can I be a part of this fun party? (Yes, you knowyou want to. Chances are you have a lot of reviews to write. This is the place for you! 🙂

To join in on the fun, all you have to do is create a list of the books you have to review and attempt to write reviews for all of them THIS WEEK. You can make a list on:

  • Blog!
  • Goodreads Shelf!
  • Evernote!
  • Piece of Paper!
  • A Random Wall!
  • In Your Head!

You get the idea. Wherever! But, the best way is to make a blog post or page and regularly update it or a Goodreads. Since I am ambitious and I’m also co-hosting this party, I’m doing a page on my blog, a Goodreads Shelf and an Evernote list.

If you make a blog post/page, be sure to include the header!

When you do that, TWEET US YOUR LIST with the #WRITETHOSEREVIEWS! Also feel free to tag us @foreverbookish and @Bookz4Nerdz. Once you start writing up until you post your reviews, update us w/ #WRITETHOSEREVIEWS and I’ll read them and comment and like and yadayada.

We will be having review writing sprints every morning and night (and possibly noon/afternoon) hosted by either Ashley or me so follow us HERE and HERE for updates.

So, in conclusion, we think this party will be a great way to get traffic and connect with other bloggers AS WELL as finally getting reviews written. Hopefully this will provide you with motivation to write a ton of them! And please spread the word about WRITE THOSE REVIEWS; we can’t do this by ourselves-we need you!

Thanks and see you soon,



11 responses to “Join the WRITE THOSE REVIEWS Party!

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  2. Hey Xander! I saw this post and was inspired to start my own book blog. I would LOVE if you looked at it. But it isnt very good yet so…..Anyways, thanks!
    Addison, e and e’s cousin
    And you should know who e and e are

  3. I just finished writing my review of Blood and Salt. Will post it on my blog on Tuesday. Hoping to finish Rebel Mechanics today or tomorrow, if RL doesn’t get in the way.

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