Review Policy

ARE YOU A PUBLISHER, AUTHOR, PUBLICIST, BOOKSELLER, PERSON, ETCETERA AND YOU WANT ME TO REVIEW YOUR BOOK? Then this is the place for you! I take review requests! NOTE: I *do* have to attend school, and there are other things I have to do, so chances are that it will take some time for me to review your book. And I can take limited requests. I am not a fast reader. It will happen eventually! 🙂 Thanks!

Your book must fit these criteria:

—The book MUST be appropriate for/categorized as Middle-Grade or Young Adult. I am starting to review more Young Adult books, but this blog is also for MG.*
*Please no picture books or early reader books for younger kids. Thanks!

—Your book must be anything other than non-fiction, or biography.

—YOU MUST be able to provide me with either a physical copy or an ecopy compatible with Kindle. It can be an ARC or a finished copy.

—Should you send me a physical copy, you will have to pay for shipping.

—Your book must have a cover, or will have a cover, if it is an early ARC

—Your book MUST be on Goodreads

If you can check all of these off, than click here to contact me!


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