A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall


A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

Published August 26, 2014 by Swoon Reads

Gabe and Lea were meant to be together. They like each other, but they are not willing to admit it to each other. This is the story about them, during college, told from the viewpoints of their friends, baristas, and even a squirrel. From the creative writing teacher’s obsession with trying to get them together to the Chinese food delivery guy giving them advice, the one thing they all want is for Gabe and Lea to get together.  A cute, summery debut, Sandy Hall writes an adorable story told from unique points of view.

My thoughts:

I thought this book was awesome! It was so cute, and I really enjoyed it. First, THAT COVER. It’s GORGEOUS. I loved all the viewpoints in this story. Because of the 14 viewpoints, it can get a little confusing but do NOT not read this book because you think you are going to be confused. It tells you who the POV changes to every time, and it makes the book better. It is so cool hearing from everyone, and having Gabe and Lea’s love story being told by everyone but them is so different and awesome. I thought this book was really fun and happy and a fast read that you should definitely pick up.


Update: I finished If I Stay by Gayle Forman, and have started The Maze Runner by James Dashner.



One response to “A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

  1. This book sounds very interesting! I don’t know if I would buy this, but maybe the library would be a good place to get it. Great review, Xander!

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