Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth


Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth

Releasing August 26, 2014 from Scholastic Press

Jarrett’s mom takes in foster babies. He is used to getting less attention than the foster babies and life is pretty predictable. Until Kevon comes. Kevon is a foster child a little older than Jarrett who gets taken in to be fostered. Jarrett and Kevon immediately dislike each other. But Jarrett doesn’t trust Kevon—he knows something is off. A nice, light read that touches on hate, this is a story about two kids who could just as well be brothers.

My thoughts:

This book was enjoyable. I had some problems with it, but overall I found it to be an easy and fast read. Ok, these kids HATE each other. I could not STAND it. Jarrett does this, so Kevon does that and Jarrett gets him back and it’s not my fault it’s his fault. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH. “Why does he have to share a room with me?” Me: “Why are you so selfish? He came from bad circumstances and ALL HE DOES IS SHARE A ROOM WITH YOU. Oh. My. Gosh” *end rant* Other than the aforementioned craziness, I did actually think this book was great. It was a nice story, and I loved how real it was. You connected with the characters (even if two of them could be jerks) and I really liked Kevon’s sister, Treasure. she is kinda sorta really cute. Even though I had problems with the characters, I understand that the book was ABOUT trying to be friends and kinda being like brothers. The back is why I picked this up at BEA: “Kinda Like Friends. Kinda Like Enemies. Kinda Like Brothers.” I just love that. So, this book did well emphasizing how people can be ignorant and could care less about someone else, and it shows you that if you just dislike someone just because, it will lead you nowhere. The book conveyed its message.


8.25 out of 10 Xander


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