I am so close to reaching my BookExpo America goal!


Hello everyone! I am SO CLOSE to reaching my goal for BEA! As of now, I have raised

$1371 out of $1100!

Thank you so much everyone for donating and spreading the word! Please continue to tell people about my GoFundMe, and thank you so much everyone for the support! You are all awesome! Here is the link: http://www.gofundme.com/7dojc8

Please spread the word!




7 responses to “I am so close to reaching my BookExpo America goal!

  1. Congrats, Xander!
    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can check out all the details and find the questions by clicking on my name. Only participate if you want to, though!

      • I wish, but no (which sucks, because I heard they’re handing out ARCs of The Young Elites by Marie Lu). Maybe next year, though!
        Thanks for being able to participate! I can’t wait to see your post, by the way.
        If/when you go, I hope you can do a recap post! I’d love to see BEA from a fellow kid blogger’s perspective. Also, do they really care if you’re under 18? I read on their website that kids 18 and under can only attend if they’re accompanied by a registered media professional, but I am not sure they really care.
        Unless, of course, you’re going for Bookcon/ Power Reader day. Which day are you hoping to go for?
        Okay, I am rambling now. I’ll stop.

      • Hey Sam! Maybe I can try to grab you a copy of The Young Elites if you would like! I am totally going to get one for myself 🙂 I emailed the BEA people and they said the if the minor is the industry professional, then the adult can buy the “Book Industry Professionals & Authors” badge. I am going May 29-31 and I will be at some of the BookCon events/panels, but mainly I am there for the actual BEA. Hopefully you get to go next year! And yes, I will be doing MANY BEA related videos, posts, and Tweets. I am about to post my announcement video for BEA, which tells you more info, so check back for that! Do you have a Twitter? Oh, and sorry I haven’t responded to your email!

  2. Really? That’s so generous! It’s totally okay if you can’t get an extra copy though.
    That’s good to know about the Badge-Buying for next year. Ive heard the panels will be amazing so I hope you have lots of fun!

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