Remembering Ned Vizzini & In My Mailbox for December 2013

Hi guys.


I am extremely sad because I just found out something that I still don’t want to believe is true. Now, you may remember my review of House of Secrets way back in May. Ned was the co-author of that book, and HE sent me an ARC of it-in fact, the first ARC I had ever gotten for myself. On Thursday, Ned committed suicide. He was a great man, and a great author. He will live on through his books, and be remembered by many. I encourage you to read House of Secrets in remembrance of him.

Now, also for you I have an In My Mailbox for you. Hope you like it! I’ll be reading (and hopefully reviewing) a lot over the break, so check back often!



5 responses to “Remembering Ned Vizzini & In My Mailbox for December 2013

  1. That’s too bad about Mr. Vizzini, and an especially difficult time of year for his family. Sorry to hear this.

    Your mailbox is looking great. I’ve GOT to read Wonder. I’ve heard so much about that one. Have a Merry Christmas, Zander!!

  2. That’s so upsetting when someone you love and respect like that kills themselves. I feel so bad for him; he must’ve been in a lot of pain.

    Your video was good, though. It looks as though you’ll have a lot of reading to do 🙂

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