Red Rain by Aubrey Hansen

Red Rain

Hi guys! Today I have a review of Red Rain for you. I hope you enjoy it, and want to thank Aubrey Hansen for sending it to me to review!

17 year old Philadelphia lives in a concentration camp for Christians with her father, Dr. Smyrna who is a scientist who works for the United. When her father is forced to go to Mars for a project that he knows very little about, Philadelphia must live with another family who has offered to take care of her. But when a regulation is bended by Dr. Nic, the base on Mars’ head scientist/owner, Philadelphia is allowed to journey to Mars with her father. At the base, Philadelphia gets lost and wanders into a corridor that was not supposed to let her in. In this well-written novella, Hansen creates a storyline and dystopian setting that readers will really enjoy.

FROM THE BACK COVER: Philadelphia is faced with a question she doesn’t want to answerthe choice between returning to Earth or destroying it.

My thoughts:

I really liked this novella.  It definitely exceeded my expectations-I thought the story would zoom by because of the length of the book, but that was not the case. I liked the storyline a lot, and I LOVE dystopian books. You got a good feel for the characters, and who they were, and I thought the idea of the hallways on the base sort of gave you a picture of what the base might look like in your head. I also noticed that one of the Kindle editions of this book (according to Goodreads) was published on September 6, 2011, which was the base’s number, #9.6.11. I would’ve liked to learn in the book why the United put the Christians in concentration camps, and the history behind it. Overall, though, I thought this was a great novella.

Overall: 9 out of 10 XanderStars

Info about the book:

Second edition Paperback published on March 1, 2012

141 pages (Paperback)

Goodreads page

My next review will be A World of Trouble by T.R. Burns. I will have a new In My Mailbox on the 16th of the month.



4 responses to “Red Rain by Aubrey Hansen

  1. Zander! I loved the new review and the cover DOES look awesome. Is it actually published as a novella or is it part of a collection? Definitely a book to look into. Thanks a lot! Ms. G

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