Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Charlotte's Web

Here is my fourth review for the 48 Hour Book Challenge!  Still deep in reading, just finished my fifth book!  Hope you like the review!  Fern has saved Wilbur’s life.  He was smaller than the other pigs, and Fern’s father was going to turn him into bacon, but Fern took him as her pet.  Now, after Fern has cared for him a while, they have sold him to Fern’s uncle; Mr. Homer Zuckerman.  Fern goes to her uncle’s farm every day to see Wilbur, and talk to the animals.  But then, the sheep brings them to the attention that the Zuckermans are going to turn Wilbur into bacon and ham at Christmas!  Charlotte, a new spider friend of Wilbur’s, promises to help save him, and weaves words that are “a miracle”.  Wilbur soon becomes famous, and people from all over come to see the words in Charlotte’s web.  In a story of true friendship and helping others, E.B. White writes another classic that will never be forgotten.

My thoughts:

I love E.B. White!  I was introduced to that author when I read Stuart Little with my mom as a youngster.  I thought that was a great story, and when my mom told me to read Charlotte’s Web, I did not decline.  I am pretty positive I have seen this movie, but I do not remember it.  I really enjoyed reading this book; I love the bond between Fern and the other animals.  Her mother is always saying “Animals don’t talk.  Stop making things up.”, but Fern has a really deep connection withWilbur.  Animals are a big part in our lives, whether we realize it or not.  Also, the illustrations complemented the text very well, and I like how Rosemary Wells spruced them up by adding some color to them.  So, a great book for fans of Stuart Little and E.B. White.

Overall: 8.5 out of 10 XanderStars

Look out for more reviews today!  Next one is Rex by Fred Yager!



2 responses to “Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

  1. I really loved The Trumpet of the Swan and remember reading it in the fourth grade. Of course, that was so long ago that for some weird reason we spent the entire year studying Alaska for social studies. I think there were some really old textbooks from when Alaska became a state that were still being used! Glad you got to read this classic.

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