Torn The Missing Book 4 by Margaret Peterson Haddix


Hello!  I finished Torn over spring break so I shall review it for you.  The fourth book in The Missing; Jonah and Katherine are sent to 1611 to fix (and save) the year 1600.  Jonah is supposed to act like John Hudson, Henry Hudson’s son on his ship The Discovery.  With a futuristic exact John Hudson costume being worn by Jonah, he is the perfect John Hudson and Katherine is invisible.  With a planned mutiny of Henry Hudson onboard, Jonah and Katherine need to figure out how to save history.  Henry Hudson surrenders to the mutineers and agrees to go on a shallop with a few other shipmates to find the Northwest Passage.  After they narrowly escape an iceberg, they see the ship coming back for them from the south when it was headed North.  Then they spot the Northwest Passage.  Second is at the helm and changing history up.  So, after Jonah is put in the stocks and they find out one of the men is Second, they go back in time to where they were in the shallop trying to make things right and not be forced by Second’s hand.  Will history fall apart, or will they succeed in making things right?

What I thought about it

Margaret Peterson Haddix is a wonderful author.  She writes books in a way that you can see what’s happening clearly with your imagination.  I discovered her from Into The Gauntlet,  the tenth 39 Clues book.  Then I read Found and Sent and loved those so I said, “Why not continue the series?”  So I did with Sabotaged  and Torn.  It took me a long time to read both of them and I was actually anxious to finish and get on with another book.  Sabotaged in my opinion was pretty confusing in some parts; I liked it, but there are so many things happening, that at one point it just confuses you.  I had similar feelings with Torn, but it was slow-paced and didn’t have enough action.  I have started reading the next one and I hope it will be better.  I was sort of disappointed that Haddix made me want to finish to read something else.  I hope she redeems herself with some other good books in the series.

Next I will be reviewing Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger.



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