I Funny by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

I Funny

Hello!  I have been on spring break and I read a lot of books.  One of them was I Funny, so I will review it for you.  Jamie Grimm is a middle school student in a wheelchair who lives with the Smileys (his nickname for them since they don’t laugh or smile); his aunt, uncle and their three children who don’t have any sense of humor, and gets bullied by their older son.  Jamie is on a mission; to be the greatest standup sitdown comedian in the world.  He is a natural at joking; his brain is wired for it.  After school and on the weekends, he goes to his Uncle Frankie’s Diner and practices his jokes on customers with a result of endless laughing.  Then, his Uncle tells him about The Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest.  Without telling anyone, Jamie starts practicing jokes everywhere he can; with his friends Pierce: who has a vast knowledge, Gaynor: who has tattoos and a nose-piercing, Cool Girl: who thinks Jamie is a book-carrier, and are very close friends, and Gilda: the girl with the frizzy hair.  He also practices with the Smileys and tries to make the un-laughable laugh.  He wins first place for the city competition-but will he win the state?

What I thought about the book:

I Funny is very funny.  Extremely funny.  I laughed endlessly.  James Patterson is a wonderful author.  After I read his other middle school books, Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life and Middle School: Get Me Out Of Here!; I raced to get this from the library.  His books are almost like middle school diaries.  It’s almost like he was writing his experiences from middle school.  He writes so well.  The pictures (by the awesome Laura Park) are a great addition to the book.  Beautifully inked, they help you understand the story way better.  So if you want some great jokes, for example (I almost busted a gut with this one) : “Hey, have you heard about the kidnapping?”  “No.”  “Don’t worry, he’s still sleeping.”; read I Funny.  And if that doesn’t  make you read it, then I don’t know what will.



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