My return to the blogosphere

Hello there!
If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I’ve been MIA for a little bit. Sure, I have had sporadic posts but nothing consistent. Over spring break I realized that I have had an embarrassingly low number of posts for the last couple of years, so I started writing and thinking and writing and thinking. As I got back into my groove I realized I had missed it, so I’m making it a priority to give you guys great posts more consistently to make up for it. I really do love blogging, and I want to keep giving you guys quality reviews and content that you have enjoyed. And believe me, I do have some surprises up my sleeve–I have a backlog of interviews with some incredible authors that have not seen the light of day yet, as well as some fun ideas for how to move my blog forward. Also coming soon will be a 5 year blogoversary post (time flies!) with a giveaway and a look back on the past few years of my book blogging life. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please leave them below! I appreciate feedback and want to help improve my blog to give you what you want to see. Thanks for all your continued support and love! I’m ready to be back in the community, I have missed it a lot.



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