Dual Review: YOLO Juliet and srsly Hamlet!

9780553535396 (1)

YOLO Juliet by William Shakespeare and Brett Wright

Published May 26, 2015

Publisher: Random House

Page Count: 108

Genre: Emoji

srsly Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Courtney Carbone

Published May 26, 2015

Publisher: Random House

Page Count: 108

Genre: Emoji

Shakespeare goes 21st century with emoji-fied books! Courtney Carbone and Brett Wright have taken two Shakespearean classics and turned them into books kids can relate to nowadays with txting as big as it is. These fun adaptations are easy to read and I assume they stick to the storyline. This format adds another element of enjoyability by being shorter but still as informative as the classics many of us have read.

My 💭:

These  📚 were rly 🆒. It was very 🙌 reading these 📚 in txt form. I’ve 🚫 read a 📖 by 👋speare so this was a 👌 way 2 🐝 introduced to his 📚. These 📚 were both very good & kinda similar, but I ❤️️ them both. It was neat reading these 📚 in txt form+it would be 😎 if they did all classics in 😬😎🙌 form. That would be 🙌. Tho I haven’t read the actual 📚, I def 👊👏👍 the 📝 of these 📚 bc they did a 💯👌 job. Can’t wait 4 next 1s!


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