See YA 2014! Day 9: Blackbird (Blackbird #1) by Anna Carey

81uWutVdKPL._SL1500_Blackbird by Anna Carey

Published September 16, 2014

Publisher: HarperCollins

Imprint: HarperTeen

Page Count: 256

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

You wake up on the train tracks with a train speeding towards you. Who are you? Why are you here? You run. You don’t know where you’re going, but you run. There is a tattoo on your wrist with letters and numbers and a blackbird. What is this? You can trust no one. You don’t remember much from your past life, and the future is all depending on your survival. A suspenseful thriller that is written in 2nd person, Blackbird is intriguing and fun as well as terrifyingly captivating.


You liked this book. You thought it was a fun ride and a edge-of-your-seat book. You liked being a part of the book with the 2nd person POV. You don’t get why others hated the 2nd person POV; it made the book unique. You liked being clueless and not knowing what was going on except for sometimes. You can’t wait to read the sequel and you are so glad you got an ARC of it! You were not very fond of the relationship/insta-love/trust for the guy. You didn’t really think it was necessary to the book, but it wasn’t too awful. You are crossing your fingers for Blackbird to get her life figured out!

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