Introducing See YA 2014!

See YA 2014! HQ

HELLO! And welcome to my new blog feature, See YA 2014! This is a yearly blog feature that involves twelve posts in a row, one a day for every month of the past year that I will be doing. This feature is to help me catch up on reviews I just haven’t posted, and an incentive to share with you the books I read that were published last year. This is a blog feature as well as a tag (see info below!) PLEASE participate if you want to! I will be doing this starting March 27 and running to April 7. Next year my posts will start in January. The idea is to review a book published in that month in the past year, adding up to 12 reviews. In each of the daily posts, you should include:

  • A review (long or short) of the book you are choosing for that month
  • the summary of that book
  • the cover of the book
  • the icon above (at bottom or top)
  • the other books you read published in that month (either a list, or pictures of the covers)
  • Say what your favorite book you read published in that month was

This is meant to be a “post a day” type of tag/feature but it does not matter when you post or how often. This is more of a feature for my blog, but I am making this so other bloggers can join the challenge.

THE SHORTENED VERSION/TAG: See YA 2014! is also a tag: You can tag as many people as you want in your post to do it, and let them know that you tagged them. You DO NOT have to be tagged to do this and I encourage you to test it out!

Your tag post will include:

  • the image above
  • the cover of a book you read (or want to read) for each month
  • A sentence or two why you liked it or why they want to read it
  • Do that once for each month in the same post!

I tag YA indulgences, Bookish Serendipity, Reader’s and Writer’s Paradise, Hardcover Lover, The Book Nut, Reading is my Treasure, The Silver Words, Pivot Book Reviews, Fiction Freak, Mary Had a little Book Blog, Jess Book Lover, The Fox’s Hideaway, Bo-ok Nerd Canada, and YOU! Whether I’ve talked to you on Twitter, met you, or don’t know you at all! Just join the linky with your post so I can check it out and comment! 😀 So, go do the tag, and stay tuned for my reviews starting later today!




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