Swap From the Swamp: 8 Great Mysteries!

Hey everyone! The Girls in Plaid Skirts are joining me today for our monthly blog swap, Swap From the Swamp! Check out there favorite mysteries below and head over to their blog to check out mine!
Growing up, mysteries were a favorite of mine. There was a time my father told me that he was beginning to think my face was yellow and blue because I devoured one Nancy Drew story after another. So here we are bringing you our top ten sleuths! -Rachel
vintage Nancy drew books
1) Nancy Drew: She is classy, cunning, smart, and always a lady!
2) Harriet the Spy: Confession – we have only seen the movie. However, this sleuth deserves to be on the list!
3) Trixie Belden: This down-to-earth girl solved crimes from the hills of New York. I kept my fingers crossed that she would end up with Jim!
4) Mandie: Mandie always manages to find herself both in trouble and in the midst of a mystery! She teams up with her best friends and troublesome cat Snowball to solve the mystery at hand. (Though usually Snowball causes more harm than good.)
5) Sherlock: A list of sleuths would not be complete without Sherlock on the list. Let’s call him the father of them all!
6) Cassie from The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: Cassie works with fellow gifted teens to find serial killers on the most-wanted list.
7) Darkus Knightley: Currently reading Nightley and Son and enjoying getting to know this sleuthing duo!
8) Digit from A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan: Digit is good with numbers, and uses her code-breaking skills to help track down a terrorist group.


The Girls in Plaid Skirts
And as always, click the pic to go to their blog to check out my favorite childhood mysteries!

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