New York Day 1: Macmillan and HarperCollins offices!

HELLO EVERYONE! Today I have my super late BEA recap post! Yay! So, if you didn’t already know, I went to BookExpo America, BEA, in New York! It is the #1 Book  Author Event in the U.S. I raised the money to attend the Expo, which is held in New York at the Javits Center. SO, on May 28, I got on the plane to fly to New York! IMG_0709

(I didn’t take Allegiant Air, but I thought it was funny. Soon after, I saw a sign for “Amityville” Is Divergent taking over the world?) 🙂

So, I read a little on the plane, and then we got to JFK! We took a subway to downtown NY, where I went to meet an executive editor, Tim Bartlett, at the Macmillan offices, aka THE FLATIRON BUILDING.


We got there, and went up to the 17th floor in this fancy elevator.


We met Tim, and it turns out, he had a WHOLE SCHEDULE planned out for me, and books for me—Humans of New York, The Flatiron, and Eleanor & Park! First I went down to the Henry Holt offices, where I met a Publisher, Laura Godwin and her assistant, and who showered me in books to take home.

I then met digital marketing managers, Caitlin Sweeney and Courtney Sanks, and I had a little Q & A with them about digital marketing. That would be really fun! One of them helped run Fierce Reads, which I think would be an awesome job. They had found out that I am a Lunar Chronicles fan, and gave me a WHOLE bunch of TLC goodies, including a Rampion map, an IKO USB (awesomeness!) and a signed copy of Scarlet—!!!! They also sent me a giganto box of awesome books!


I then met THE PUBLISHER of St. Martin’s Press, Ms. Sally Richardson, in her awesome office that has a great view. She was very nice! Fun fact: people were talking about me visiting the office earlier that day, and she was under the impression that I was some Swedish businessman. 🙂

Here’s Tim, Ms. Richardson, and I!


Following that, I went to the VIDEO ROOM with Marie Estrada; where the authors film interviews, and I was interviewed! It was awesome. You will get to see that very soon. They even put powder on my face!



Then I went down to the Arts department, and saw behind the scenes of cover design and was told about the process by David Rotstein, who runs a blog for cover design, .

After that, I went up to the 22nd floor, and went to the roof of the Flatiron building. That was awesome. I had to climb OUT OF A WINDOW, and jump. I felt like a ninja. Sort of. The view was SPECTACULAR!

IMG_0732 IMG_0734

Then, I left the Macmillan offices and took the subway to the new HarperCollins offices! There I met cover designer Erin Fitzsimmons! She invited me to meet her at their new offices. She is so nice and awesome! I had a great time at the Harper offices—their new offices are absolutely amazing. SO MANY BOOKS. And there are quotes on the wall—it’s awesome. I may or may not have found Margot and Aubry from TeaTime’s cubicles, and I may or may not have hugged Snarkles. 🙂 I had a great time, and Erin gifted me the second Mila 2.0 book! EEEEEP! IT’S SO PRETTY. Well, she did design the cover 🙂 Then, another super nice cover designer WALKED us to the PATH station! *mind blown* Thanks! 🙂



THANK YOU so much people at Macmillan and HarperCollins! It was SO great meeting you all, and I had a great first day in NY!

Next: BEA recap thoughts and experiences post!


3 responses to “New York Day 1: Macmillan and HarperCollins offices!

  1. Hi–I remember meeting you at BEA so I read your post with great interest. It’s so great that you got to visit some of these wonderful children’s book publishers and get an insider view 🙂

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