My Explosive Diary (Eliza Boom book 1) by Emily Gale and Joëlle Dreidemy

My Explosive Diary

Hey guys! Here is my review of My Explosive Diary by Emily Gale and Joëlle Dreidemy. Enjoy!

Eliza Boom is her father’s inventing assistant. She and her dog, Einstein, have had many great ideas for inventions, but none have worked out. As her father says, there are 99 failed inventions before a great one! After giving a class bully an early birthday present, Eliza’s father loses a spy ribbon (his top-secret project). But then, Eliza realizes that she tied the ribbon onto Zoe’s present, and it is now in Zoe’s hair! Now, before her dad finds out, she must get the spy ribbon back and try to get some revenge on Zoe. In a short, illustrated chapter book, Eliza tries to save her dad from big trouble.

What I thought:

This is definitely a book for younger readers—it is short, illustrated, and geared toward a younger audience. I think if you are starting to read chapter books, then this is a great book for you, with some action/adventure, and some fun things that happen in it. With a nice story and interesting illustrations, this is definitely a great read for starting readers!



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