Book Hauls and Updates!

Hi everyone! I am back from BEA! I had a great time there, and there will be lots of fun things coming soon all about my experience, including posts, videos, and probably some giveaways! In other news, I have a NEW YouTube channel, if you haven’t already noticed. My channel is called ForeverBookish, and you can find it right HERE. I would love it if you could check it out, and please subscribe! I have THREE new Book Hauls! You can see them right in this post. I will be reading a LOT  this summer, because of no school, so look forward to LOTS of reviews! I can’t wait to dive into my TBR, and read some anticipated books. Maybe I can even catch up on my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Yikes. Tomorrow, a review on Noggin will be up, and I will start my BEA Recap with all of the fun things that I did! YAY. Lots of things to do. So yeah. Here are the book hauls, and check back for lots of things, including a recap and a Book Haul(s) from BEA!



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