Swap from the Swamp: Current Books that could become Literary

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Swap from the Swamp! This is my monthly blog swap with The Girls in Plaid Skirts. This month, we are talking about books that could become literary! Head over to http://thegirlsinplaidskirts.com/ to see my literary picks!


It’s our monthly blog swap with Xander!

Earlier this month I (Rachel) was watching a YouTube video by DNews discussing how reading fiction can make you smarter. In the video they said reading Literary Fiction instead of Pop fiction can also help a person become more empathetic.

I began to wonder…where is the line between “Pop” and “Literary”? What books that are  considered Pop today will become tomorrow’s Literary Classics? I guess only time will tell.

Here are our picks of which books we think will stand the test of time. (It helps if they have won an award!)



1) Hunger Games

This books is not only popular, but spurs discussions about government and society! The characters are well described, relatable, and have lofty motives. Its causes the reader to look instropectively about themselves.

2) Harry Potter

The Girls in Plaid have not read these books, but still know a lot about the characters and plots. We think that says something about a series. This is one that will most definitely stand the test of time!

3) The Night Circus

That vocabulary and imagery! This story has such a unique story and world! I think its uniqueness will make it well-loved!

4) The Fault in Our Stars

I was skimming over this book a second time to find vocabulary words for a lesson—and cried. This story is beautiful and many people can relate to it. The movie coming out will also make it more popular, and John Green is becoming a household name (at least in our house it is). These will help it stand the test of time!

5) The Book Thief

History. Friendship. Family. Romance. Bookworms. This story has it all! It has a very unique narrator and the reader learns about WWII from an interesting point of view. Also a movie!

6) Code Name Verity

Conceal, Don’t Feel. Hold back the tears. This beautiful tale of friendship and sisterhood is awesome. The characters are complex, the writing is awesome (despite a lot of cussing), the plot devices are incredible. We think this is one that will stand the test of time as well!

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 8.55.06 PM

We are the Girls In Plaid, click on our picture to visit our blog and see what Xander’s picks were!!

What current books do you think will be classics of the future?


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