A World Of Trouble (Merits of Mischief book 2) by T.R. Burns

A World Of Trouble

Hey guys!  Sorry it’s a little late, but here is my review for A World of Trouble.  Hope you like it, and a big THANK YOU goes out to the awesome Emma Sector at Simon and Schuster for sending me an ARC of this book and other swag.  Hope you like the review, and don’t forget to subscribe, and comment!

Seamus Hinkle is on Christmas vacation from Kilter Academy.  He is still shocked about Ms. Parsipanny emailing him, and doesn’t know what to make of it.  To make things worse, he finds out that Ms. Parsippanny didn’t actually die, and his parents never told him or took him out of Kilter Academy. When he goes back to school, he is happy to see his friends, but they have just found out that he is a murderer and don’t want to spend time with him. Seamus rises up in the ranks of Kilter, making more mischief than ever. In a wonderful sequel, Seamus and the other troublemakers are back causing more trouble.

What I thought about it:

I liked this book. It was a great sequel to The Bad Apple and I thought it was about as good. I was a little confused at the beginning about what was happening, but I soon figured it out. I love the setting, and the whole idea of a school for troublemakers, and you guys should read it too. I don’t really like how they changed the cover style, because I really liked the first cover better. I cannot wait for the third book, which according to Goodreads is  titled Watch Your Step. You can take a look at the cover below:

Watch Your Step



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