Savvy by Ingrid Law


Hello!  Here is my review for Savvy by Ingrid Law.  Sorry it is a day late (I need to be better at that), and I hope you enjoy it!  Don’t forget to check out the polls page!

Mibs Beaumont is about to turn 13.  For normal people, it means that you are officially a teenager.  For a member of the Beaumont family, it means that you are about to get your savvy, a special power which shows itself on your 13th birthday.  Mibs’ Grandpa Bomba can move mountains, her brother Rocket can create electricity or make huge power outages with a bad temper, and her other brother Fish can create hurricanes.  When a car crash involves her father two days before her birthday, Mibs only wants a savvy that can save her dad, who is unconscious at the hospital.  After Mama and Rocket leave their home in Kansaska-Nebransas, Mibs can’t take it anymore.  So at her birthday party, she hitches a ride on a pink bible bus with Samson her brother, Bobbi and Will Junior; the preacher’s kids.  On a urgent journey to get to the hospital, Ingrid Law writes a fantastic story about a girl trying to save her Papa.

My thoughts:

I thought this book was incredible!  It was written very well, and has a great story line.  The cover made me check it out of the library, and I am so glad I did.  I think it definitely deserved the Newbery Honor, and Ingrid Law definitely deserves a lot of praise for this amazing story.  If you are a fan of adventures and want a good book to read, this book should definitely quench your thirst for a great book.  I can NOT wait to read Scumble, another book by Ingrid law that follows someone else in the Beaumont family, as well as other books by her.  I definitely have my eye out for more books like this one  !

Overall: 9.25 out of 10 XanderStars

Hope you liked the review!  Next one is Keeping Safe The Stars by Sheila O’Connor, tomorrow!



2 responses to “Savvy by Ingrid Law

  1. My thoughts exactly! Loved this one. When I read it, it was one in a large stack I was working through and I never checked out any more of her books. I’ll look into Scumble. Great review!

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