The Bad Apple (Merits Of Mischief Book 1) by T.R. Burns

Merits Of Mischief The Bad Apple

Here’s my review for The Bad Apple!  First of all: HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  Have a great celebration, BBQ, parade, party-whatever you are having.  Hope you like the review and the fanart at the bottom!  Also: I am going on a road trip on the 6th and I am getting back on the 16th of July.  I don’t think you will see many posts (if any) while I’m gone, but you will see an IN MY MAILBOX the day before I leave and a review on Monday.  I have also created a catalog which I call “Le Catalogue” where you can find my reviews easier, and two fairytale-based polls on the “polls!” page.  It is at the top on the right hand side of the brown header; check it out!

Seamus Hinkle didn’t mean to become a troublemaker.  He didn’t even mean to kill his substitute teacher, Ms. Parsippany.  He only threw the apple across the cafeteria to stop the trouble.  But things took a turn for the worse, and now Seamus is in reform school.  Which isn’t reform school at all.  Kilter Academy is a place for Troublemakers: at Kilter Academy, they don’t make you a “Good Samaritan”.  They make you even bigger troublemakers, and to pass each semester you have to prank each and every one of your teachers.  All of the teachers are expecting great things from him since he is Kilter’s first murderer, but Seamus doesn’t want to be a Troublemaker. But, despite his effort to earn Gold Stars (the equivalent of demerits for non-troublemakers), he keeps earning demerits and is rising to the top of his class.  In a very exciting and hilarious start to the Merits Of Mischief series, will Seamus pass the first semester and achieve his goal of getting Mr. Tempest with his new group, the Capital T’s?  Will everyone learn about Seamus’ secret; why he’s at Kilter?

My thoughts:

I thought this was a great book.  The cover is incredible; I have almost read all of the books Gilbert Ford has illustrated because the cover is so epic (#awesomeartist). I thought the storyline was very unique and enjoyable; I have never come across a story like this one.  I think Seamus has something that most of us can relate to: trying to help out but instead turning out with a bad outcome, making us regret doing what we did.  I really wonder how T.R. Burns (Tricia Rayburn) thought up a story like this one.  Her writing is incredible, and the description is amazing.  This book is definitely a gem that all fans of trouble and humor should read!


Action: 7 out of 10 XanderStars

Suspense: 8 out of 10 XanderStars

Well-Written: 9 out of 10 XanderStars

Page-Turning: 9 out of 10 XanderStars

Overall: 9 out of 10 XanderStars

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And for the fanart; it is not just the front cover, but elements from the front, back and spine all mixed into one!

The Bad Apple Fanart


2 responses to “The Bad Apple (Merits Of Mischief Book 1) by T.R. Burns

  1. If there are so many of these odd schools (and they show up a lot in middle grade literature!), my question is this– why can’t I get a job as librarian in one? Fun to think about! Thanks for the review.

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