48 Hour Book Challenge Starting Line!

Hi guys!  This is my starting line for the 48 Hour  Book Challenge!  I am going to read as much as I possibly can over the next 48 hours, and see how many books I can read and review.  This is my TBR list:

 TBR 1



Hope to read a LOT of them!  Here are my favorite places to read:





and here is my really CUTE! 18 year old cat, Scooby.



Can’t wait to see you at the finish line!





20 responses to “48 Hour Book Challenge Starting Line!

  1. Fantastic, Xander! Let me know if you want to read my Very Short award-winning chapbook, “There’s Jews in Texas?” I’ll be happy to send you an e-book!

  2. Happy Reading! I see Savvy on your TBR pile and that’s one of my favorites! We book talked it to a couple classes of 4th graders this year and now we can’t keep it on the shelf. And The Runaway King is AWESOME, too!! Have fun!

  3. What a great bunch of books to read. Have you read The Phantom Tollbooth before? It is one of my ALL TIME favorites, and it just gets better with each rereading. There were a couple of books in your pile that I would like to read… adding to list. Thanks for joining us!

    • No, I hear it is a great book! Can’t wait, but I have a lot more to read before that one. I am on my third book! Just started my 1 hour of social media.


  4. Awesome TBR pile! I just finished The Runaway King a few days ago (haven’t gotten around to writing a review yet) and liked it as much as The False Prince, I think. Happy reading!

  5. Go, Xander, GO! You are doing great! I have to re-read The Little Prince, it has been a while. And I should read Bridge to Terabithia as well….

  6. You’ve got a lot of my favorites up there – Savvy, Bridge to Terabithia, A Tale Dark and Grimm. I’m reading (listening to) The True Meaning of Smekday, too! Do you happen to be on Twitter by chance, so I could follow you? Thanks, and good luck!

  7. You’re reading a lot faster than I am! And it looks like you’ve got a nice mix of older and newer books. I’ve read “Phantom Tollbooth” many times, and really enjoyed “Savvy”.

  8. Oooh, you’ve got some great ones on your stack. I loved Savvy and Liar and Spy. And for my first book this weekend I read The False Prince. (Awesome!) Now I want The Runaway King, too!


  9. You are in the homestretch. You have covered a lot of great stories and authors so far. It would take me 48 days to get through what you are accomplishing in 48 hours. I’m currently reading THE FOURTH STALL series and it might be one to consider for a future read.

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