Popular Clone (The Clone Chronicles Book 1) by M.E. Castle

Popular Clone

Here’s my review for Popular Clone!  Hope you like it.  Remember to check out the awesome fanart at the bottom!  Fisher Bas is a 6th grader who gets tormented by a group of three kids that he calls the Vikings.  They are always waiting for him, to bash him on the head with the biggest book they can find, give him a swirly or something else along those lines.  One day, Fisher just gets tired of it.  So he comes up with a solution-cloning himself with the AGH (Advanced Growth Hormones) that his mom invented, which is something that world-known Dr. X(ander, no, I am not kidding!  his name is Xander!) wants to get his hands on.  After a sleepless weekend, lots of work and many different attempts, Fisher creates his clone.  When his clone comes to life, he thinks a woman from a Spot-Rite ad is his mother so Fisher creates a fantasy for his clone to believe-that they are trying to get their mother back and they have to go to a place to train (AKA Middle School) for their enemies.  Then, after a few days, Two (Fisher’s clone’s name) becomes more popular than him!  He has friends, is known around school and stands up to the Vikings.  Can Fisher change Two’s ways before something bad happens and they realize Two is not Fisher?  In a wacky middle-grade story of adventure and clones, Fisher strives to be as good as his clone, and fights the evil Dr. X after a very shocking twist in the plot in a wonderful debut.

What I thought about it:

Popular Clone was a great book.  I think this was a strong debut for M.E. Castle, and fans of middle-grade sci-fi will enjoy it.  I have been reading a lot of sci-fi lately; Mila 2.0, Cinder, Scarlet–they all have something to do with sciency stuff like clones, androids and cyborgs.  I thinking the idea of cloning yourself is interesting-and very complicated.  It would be hard to keep a secret that there are two “You’s” out there.  I also loved the other science aspects in this book: the inventions that Fisher has created and the Bas’ garden.  The tomatos are the size of beach balls, and the bananas are the size of baseball bats.  It’s like taking your garden and multiplying the size!  Now that is awesome.  I loved the drawings throughout the book of Fisher’s inventions-they help you understand what they are talking about/using in the story.  Also, the battle at the end was pretty epic, with lots of action and chases.  The book ends with a BIG cliffhanger, though.  Thankfully I had the second book available 😛 BWAHAHA!  So overall, a great book for fans of middle-grade stories and adventures.


Action: 8 out of 10 XanderStars

Suspense: 8 out of 10 XanderStars

Well-Written: 9 out of 10 XanderStars

Page-Turning: 8 out of 10 XanderStars

Overall: 8 out of 10 XanderStars

Liked my review?  Comment or contact me and let me know what you thought!  Check out the fanart at the bottom!  My next review will be Cloneward Bound (Book 2!) by M.E. Castle.


Just saying-this fanart is REALLY epic.

Popular Clone Fanart


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