Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger

Fake Mustache

I recently read Fake Mustache, so here’s my review.  When Casper gets 400 dollars from his aunt for his birthday, he goes with his friend Lenny to  Sven’s Fair Price Store to buy the Heidelberg Handlebar Number Seven (a mustache that can lead to the fate of the country), and Chauncey’s to buy a-man-about-town suit for the upcoming presidential election.  That same night,  a bank was robbed by a short man wearing a man-about-town suit that has a mustache.  Then, the night after that, the Federal Gold Reserve gets robbed by the same man!    Who’s the hoodlum?  Signs point to Casper as the culprit, but is he?  What happens next?  A crazy series of events and betrayal lead to crimes and bank robbings by a criminal mastermind.  What will happen to the presidential election?  I guess you’ll just have to read Fake Mustache…

What I thought about it:

Fake Mustache was a great book.  I like mustaches, so this was the book for me.  I saw the word mustache and Tom Angleberger, and said “Why don’t I check it out?”  It was the first Tom Angleberger book I read, and I will definitely read more of his books.  I have heard many great things about him so I checked it out.  I love the little “unheard of” twist Angleberger put on this book.  I mean, you usually don’t hear about kids spending $200 on a fake mustache for a plan to become president.  Or boys dressing up as cowgirl-Tv stars.  While you’re reading this book, You just hate Fako more everytime you hear his name.  Also, quite a bit of suspense.   And wanting a sequel.  Overall, a book worthy of a golden mustache.  So, if you want to find out if the presidential election gets sabotaged, read this book!


Suspense: 9 out of 10 XanderStars

Action: 9 out of 10 XanderStars

Overall: 9 out of 10 XanderStars

Next I will be reviewing The Apothecary by Maile Meloy.  Also, feel free to comment and recommend books!  I love recommendations, and I love discovering new authors.




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  1. Hey!!! It’s Cameron Larmer’s sister, Ella! NIce to see you! My origami and Star Wars blog is princessellaorigami.wordpress.com! Haha look at my profile, it’s me and Tom Angleberger when we met him!

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