A Brief Introduction

Hello everybody,

Before I start reviewing books I thought it would be fit to introduce myself.  I am Xander, 11 years old, and deeply in love with reading.  Reading is my passion; what I do in my free time.  I recommend books all the time to my friends, and thought I would do the same out here.  So that is why I started Xander’s YA Book Reviews.  From now on, mostly every book I read will be reviewed, so you can have an idea of what to buy next time you walk into your local bookstore.  I usually read fantasy, fiction and realistic fiction and sometimes other genres.  Each review will work like this: First the title of the book, second the cover of the book, third what I think about the book.  I will post when I finish a book, and at the end of the review I will tell you what book I am reading now.  Please feel free to check as often as you wish and subscribe.  I will also have the Goodreads widget on the side for you to see what I am reading.



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